Thursday, February 24, 2011

mend myself

akhir" ini habis dapet masalah. maybe you know what. and now i'm trying to mend myself. not only about the main problem but also myself. yaa demi kebaikanku juga aku mesti muhasabah yaumiyah (opo yo) hahaha..

those are my words. tiba" muncul di otakku yg biasanya gak pernah mikir serius wkwkwk.....

this is for you when you just came into my life:
love is simple. we don't need to say it. just show that we care
love is general. it's not only between a boy and a girl but also between every person even animals on earth
love is easy. we can love them even if they don't love us
love is everywhere. if there is no love, then there is no life on earth
so love is about love. but love is not all about

this is for you when you were beside me:
i love you like juliet loves romeo
i need you like pocahontas needed cp. smith
i miss you like wendy missed peter pan
i text you like mozart wrote his music sheet
i think about you like einstein thought about the formula

this is for you when you're just gone:
i forget how to be fine when i'm alone. alone without loneliness

well that was just a piece of my life. just go on and take my happiness :]


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