Monday, February 2, 2009

the first, the beginning

well, this is for the the first time i write. ive never had the self-confidence to write before. but my mom says, if you sure you can, you can. i dont like writing, reading, or some kind of that. i preferred being introvert to open-minded. but life is different now. a year ago i changed my self to be more confident and open-minded that has made me happier then. there's no such a bad day in my life. everyday is happy. so i dont let the time passes me by and dont let the time passes you by..

lately, i just recognized that i am blessed and you are too. usually, sometimes, or even never,, we are not recognized that. "He" gives us everything we need, everything we want, everything is the best for us. but human's main characteristic is that they never satisfy. a friend of mine says,,

if "He" granted your request, means "He" increased your faith.

if "He" hadnt granted your request, means "He" increased your patience.

if "He" granted that you didnt request, means "He" gave the best thing for you.

just think for tomorrow. just make yesterday become a learnt. just be the best for ourselves, people, and country.


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