Tuesday, February 3, 2009


do you know what phonemic is?? it's the way to pronounce. last month i learnt English phonemic and it was so tiring that my mouth became sweating.. hoho......

we have to speak English correctly to difference resembles words. for example, to pronounce bad and bed. how could you difference those words? do you know "ae" and "e"? that's the different. your mouth has to open wide when you say bad because you use the "ae" one. When you say bed, you use the "e" one.

beside phonemic, stress is also needed to speak correctly. have you seen harry potter film? do you remember when someone was mistaken to say "wingardiumleviosa" and hermione correct it?? yea!! that's what stress means. it's not wingardiumlevioSAr, but wingardiumleviOsa.

that is so hard but we have to learn that to be good at english, don't we? 


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