Wednesday, February 4, 2009

real smiles and false smiles

when you smile a real smile, two things happen to your face: your lips move up towards your cheeks, and your cheeks themselves go up and gather in the skin around your eyes. a real smile will usually only last for up to four seconds.

false smiles are seen on the faces of politicians who have just lost an election, people who are pretending they are pleased to see you, and door-to-door salesmen. false smiles usually appear slightly too early or too late, and they tend to go on for too long.

but if you really want to know if a smile is real or false, look at the eyes. in a false smile these don't change. however much the person has practised smiling.

eyes are important in other ways, too. when you feel good, your pupils get larger. when you feel bad, they become small. ancient chinese traders always looked their customers straight in the eye. if the pupils became big, the person was interested, and they could ask for more money.

source: Kelt


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